Sunday, 6 March 2011

Rev. George Monkhouse

The stained glass window in Heatherycleugh Church is dedicated to Rev. George Monkouse, vicar of Heatherycleugh from 1876-1901 (pictured right). The window was given to the Church by his widow and her family. He is buried in the old Churchyard, and several of his relations are buried in the present Churchyard.


  1. My name is Allan Monkhouse, I live in Seaham. My daughter has traced our family back to George. I must visit this church to see this window and possibly trace other relatives. 20/01/13

  2. Lots of information in the Church for you, 2 windows are dedicated to the Monkhouse family.

  3. I am a descendent of Mary Ann Monkhouse nee Tatam's brother, Charles Tatam who immigrated to New Zealand in 1852, and I am planning to be in the UK later this year. This church and the windows are now on my list of must do's. I know that Charles returned to England for a visit and he stayed with the Monkhouse family.