Thursday, 15 November 2012

Disappearing Farms

Chris Ruskin has written a book about disappearing farms in Weardale.  It is full of photos of derelict farms from Wolsingham up to Killhope, with paragraphs from people she has interviewed, the last people to live in the buildings and other facts. It is due to be published on November 29th, when she will be signing the books at Stanhope Hub 10am - 2 pm, and also at Cowshill Village Hall Saturday December 1st.  The cost is £12.99.  This photo shows the front cover, the farm on it is Birkshaw, which is on the back road between Stanhope and Eastgate.  Lovely Christmas present!!


  1. I would love a copy of this book where can I obtain one.
    I dad relatives who lived in Killhop burn sheiling long time forgotten.
    Beautiful area . Thank goodness people are still interested in its charm.

  2. The book publication was delayed until the New Year, it will be for sale in Weardale shops, Watersones and I think Amazon. Chris comes along to our Local history group meetings in cowshill village Hall and we will be meeting again January 7th, she should know by then when it will be ready.

  3. I do hope there is a photograph of Whitestone House, Wellhope in it as my grandfather was born there in 1877.

    1. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Christine and we talked so enthusiastically about her project...I am sure she would love to hear from you in regards to any memories you may have of Whitestone House.

  4. I think there is a photo of them all, really looking forward to it coming out. i will be seeing Chris Monday 21st and she may know then when it will be ready.

  5. Thanks, Chris comes along to our local history group meetings and we discuss the farms in her book. Really looking forward to it being published!!

  6. The book is no longer available, sold out everywhere. However Chris has since written another book about 'Disappearing Mills and Bread Ovens of Weardale