Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cowshill Beekeeping Group

We now have a beekeeping group in Cowshill and our bees arrived from Hexham last Sunday.  They are in a quiet corner of the field under a large sycamore tree, with walls to two sides and fencing and windshield to the other two sides.  There are 11 in the group, only Sue has any previous experience, so we are all reading up on them! The Defra inspector came to see them this week and was very pleased with the bees, the hives and the location.  They are all in the right side hive at the moment, but tomorrow they are going to be split, with the left hive being used, before they swarm. They are in the sun, so with the shelter all around, hopefully they will survive the winter conditions. Phil took this photo l-r Me, Sue, Dave

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