Saturday, 11 January 2014

Copt Hill Quarry

The Whin Quarry as it is today, filled with water at the bottom .   The top one shows the men who worked at the quarry in the early years of the last century, some look quite young. Not all are named but include:
Row 1 Harold Peart (Westfall), Jack Dawson, Johnny Peart (Greenfield), John Peart (Hilltop), Henry Peart (Low Allers), Willie Peadon, Harry Peart (Moss)
Row 2 Tom Emerson, T. Milburn English, Tommy Emerson (Copt Hill), Bobby Lowes, Jack Peart (Bents), Em Little, Georgie Fex(?), Jessie Dalton.
Row 3 Will Peart (Low Allers), Bob Peart (Greenfield), Joshua Peart (Bents), Issac Peart (Low Allers), Herbert Dawson, Norman Emerson, George Burdess (blacksmith), George Gardiner, Mark English, H. Walton
Row 4 Joseph Thompson, Alf Peart (Moss), John Ralph Dawson, Fred Peart, Tom Peart (Greenfield), Thomas Willie Peart (Bents)

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  1. The photographs of the quarry and its workforce are of particular interest to me , what would be even more interesting ( and almost impossible!) would be a photograph of the quarry owners, in particular Robert Peart as I dont have one of my great grandfather !!