Saturday, 1 February 2014

Benthead, George Alberts

Just up the fields between  Cowshill and Burnhope lies Benthead. This house is also known as George Albert's, named because George Albert Peart lived there in the 1940s.  It has been derelict since the 1980s.


  1. My 4x great grandfather John Bainbridge (born 1761 in Stanhope) married Margaret Peart (born 1768 at Benthead) - I wonder if this was her home?
    Their son George (born Jan 1791 in Stanhope) married Sarah Bainbridge, who was born in 1796, but we nknow nothing more about her. Eileen
    Incidentally, my parents, Martha and Simpson Bainbridge, celebrated their honeymoon at the hotel in Cowshill in June 1944 (or maybe 1945?).

  2. I have a book which has this farm's inhabitants as
    1896 Emerson Peart
    1907 Emerson Peart
    1919 Emerson Peart
    1929 Caleb Peart
    1941 George Albert Peart
    1980s Miss Richmond
    it has been empty since then.
    There are 3 houses at Benthead but none of the others have Pearts living in them at any time. They are very remote but would have the best views in the dale

  3. That's interesting, thank you! Next time I'm over that way I shall go and see for myself.
    I've tried to get a copy of your book, but sadly, everywhere seems to be out of stock.