Wednesday, 2 September 2015


The house at the right used to be a second hand  shop,  run by Amos Hunt. but has been a private residence for many years.  Both houses are just a few yards up from the main road, looking on the the Primary School.

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  1. Hi heather, you are right that Amos hunt owned the property shown in your photo but in the fifties it was only used for the storage of furniture. His actual shop was at the top of main street immediately before school lane. Amos himself was akin to somebody out of Dickens well into his seventies he always wore a bowler hat and black overcoat winter and summer Alike. I believe he lived in Wolsingham and would catch the first train and latterly the bus to wearhead to sit in his shop all day long six days a week. The shop itself was an aladins cave full of the most bizarre bric a brac imaginable. Apart from kids trying nick packets of elastic bands from him I think customers were few and far between. But Amos remained stoical right to the end .He was part of the landscape when I was a child. I really enjoy your photos