Thursday, 24 June 2010

Copthill Churchyard

A view of the old Copthill churchyard. The part in the centre where there are no flowers is the site of the Church. As quarrying to the left of the photo began to erode the ground, the Church was moved in 1915, stone by stone, to its present site in the village. The headstones are still there, dating back to 1823. The Hill can be seen next to the tree in the centre. The houses in the background are the ones featured earlier in the blog, around Wellhope, Rush and Allers.


  1. Margaret Teggert (nee Emerson )15 December 2011 at 13:38

    The quarry was owned by my great grandfather Robert Peart who in Cahoots with Octavius Monkhouse managed to blow up parts of the church and churchyard. My great great grandparents are buried in this churchyard luckily for them they avoided being blown into the hereafter by being buried just inside the gate !!!

  2. Thanks for your news Margaret, it is always interesting to hear from people connected with Cowshill!