Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blue Peter Tapestry

25 years ago the children from Wearhead School, with their headmaster Mr. Peart and teacher Mrs Jackson made a tapestry of events in Weardale over history. This is now displayed in Wearhead Village Hall and today they had a reunion. On November 7th 1985 they travelled to London and appeared on Blue Peter, where they all recieved a Blue Peter badge. Several other pupils helped but were unable to attend the reunion.
From the back left: Lisa Turnbull, Mr. W. N. Peart, Paul Harrison, Mrs. M. Jackson, Tracy Peart, Aaron Robinson.
Centre: Helen Rutherford
Front Anne Marie Robinson (now Jackson), Susan Ross (now Watson) Layla Curtis
shown sitting in front of the Boustrophedon Tapestry.

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