Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wearhead Front Street -1922 and 2013

The top photo is the opening of Wearhead Co-op in 1922, run as part of Stanhope & Weardale Co-op.  It was taken over by Penrith Co-op several years ago and was Front Street; it closed in about 2005. The upstairs was a drapery department until the 1970s when upstairs only became a private residence.  The next shop was a newsagents and sweet shop, this closed in the early part of this century. The roof which can be seen at the left side was the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel which was demolished in 1938, it is now a private car parking space.

The bottom photo is the same place, the Co-op is now the local Village Stores, and th enewsagents a private residence.  At the bottom of the street the water pump can still be seen next to the post box and telephone box. Apart from more snow and fewer people, much the same!

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