Monday, 25 March 2013

Bainbridge Memorial

Cuthbert Bainbridge gave his name to the Methodist Chapel at
Eastgate, which closed last year. It is now up for sale. It is in front of Stanhope Church. The memorial reads:
"Erected in Memory
Cuthbert Bainbridge
of Eastgate
who died August 10th 1813
aged 84 years
also Mary, his wife
who died August 25th 1790
aged 56 years
and George their son
who died January 1st 1807
aged 29 years
Cuthbert Bainbridge
their son
                            who died at Redgate Hall
                     September 13th 1850 aged 78 years
                            and Mary, his beloved wife
                         who died December 16th 1850
                                      aged 76 years"


  1. Hi I'm an Emerson born in Eastgate, and descended from the Bainbridge through my mother. Thanks to your blog I can now go back seven generations. My father was a local preacher and caretaker of the chapel at Eastgate. My mother was organist for many years.

    1. I am pleased that this has helped with your research! You can get lots more information from, if you get in touch they will send you details